Entomology Spring 2014 Beginnings - Week 1

Hi all - as discussed in lab and class today, I'll be using this blog as a repository of helpful stuff for all of my students. Electronic versions of handouts, tips on primary literature, links to the readings for each weeks and other useful tidbits will be found here and on the course's Twitter feed (@UEntomology). 

Here are some useful bits:

1. 2014 Syllabus

2. Presentation for First Week of Lab

3. Twitter assignment 1 - Sign up for Twitter, follow @UEntomology and Tweet a photo of yourself (it helps me learn all your names!) along with your first name, favorite insect and the hashtag #Ento2014. 

Also, a note about Twitter assignments - some of you have expressed some distaste for signing up for a social-media service for University-related assignments. I get that - and for those of you who want to go this route, Twitter assignments will always be posted here on the blog as well. Just follow them as best you can and send them to me via email. However, I would strongly encourage everyone to sign up and do the Twitter assignments on Twitter - it fosters a sense of community among your fellow classmates in entomology and allows you to communicate with them quickly and ask pertinent questions about lecture and lab. It's also amusing. :)