First Paper Reading - Alternative Reproductive Strategies and Male-Dimorphism in Beetles

Hey folks,

Attached is the the reading assignment for the second week of lab (Feb 3 and 4). I'll pick groups to go first for presentation and discussion next week in lab, and we'll talk about reading and dissecting primary literature a bit this week in lab. Group 2 from Monday's lab - (Kala, Chris, Melanie, Molly and Harrison) and Group 5 (Dylan, Angela, Sarah, Alan, John, Brian and Katie) will be presenting next week! Let me know if you have any questions.

Beetle Horn Paper

Additionally, here is a grading rubric for the what I'm looking for in the paper summaries/presentations. 

5 = all members participated and had something insightful to discuss. Clear understanding and explanation of concepts and ideas in the paper. Excellent questions and discussion. 4 = most group members participated in discussion. Adequate comprehension of paper. 3 = only some group members contributed to discussion. Group didn’t understand the paper or explain relevant sections concisely and clearly. 2 = little to no discussion of paper and concepts. Discussion dominated by one or two group members.  1 = No discussion. Clearly did not read the majority of the paper. No comprehension of relevant topics or concepts. 0 = Didn’t read the paper and/or refuses to participate in discussion.