Paper Discussion #5 and Twitter Assignment

Hey folks,

Sorry this is a little later than usual, I hope you'll find it worth the wait though. This is a paper that was presented at a conference I went to in January, and the biology is totally stunning - parasitoid wasps create zombie cockroach hosts that they use to feed their young!

Zombie Cockroaches and Voodoo Wasps

As I discussed last week, I think the presentations by groups has been pretty good, but I've felt like discussion has really fallen off the last couple of weeks. Let's revive that discussion that we had the first couple of papers - read actively and come with a few discussion points/questions.

Presenting Groups: Monday - Group 1 (front left), Tuesday, Group 5 (front left).

Since we're reading about parasitoids this week, the assignment is to post an example of another parasite(oid) that manipulates it's host's behavior.