Exam Details

Hey folks,

I know everybody is scrambling to get their collections finished and prep for the lab exam next week. Here are a few tips/details on things.


1. Remember to come to the extra lab on Thursday from 1-4. I'll be there to help you guys key out and prep the last of your specimens. I can also set up a small mock exam to give you guys a feel of what it will be like. 

2. Get your labels right! Nicely printed or typed labels with all the appropriate information is key. You'll get docked for bad labels, so spend some time on them!

3. Please put a note in your box if you'd like to keep your insects, I'll return them to you after they are graded.

4. No extra credit for extra specimens, but I'll grade to your benefit (i.e. if you have a specimen that's in better shape and fills the same order/family requirement, I'll use it).

5. Remember all your gear that you need to return!!!! Nets, pins (we need those pins back!), vials, unused glassine envelopes, killjars, etc. Bring it all. You'll need to check in your net, pins and vials before you leave.


1. Expect somewhere between 25 and 30 insect specimens, most you will have to identify to order and family, a few you will have to identify to only order.

2. You may use the aquatic sheet handout, but no others.

3. You can add material to your book, either writing or taping it in. Your book is your guide. Obviously no cheating - like taping labeled pictures of all the specimens into your book. You've learned how to use a key and be familiar with many insect families and orders this semester, use that knowledge!

4. There WILL BE a few questions regarding the papers we read. They will be of similar, short answer format to the first exam. If you read the papers, you'll do fine on the questions.

5. You'll have the full 3 hours of lab time to take the exam - it will not take that long, I guarantee it, but you shouldn't feel rushed. 


Feel free to ask any questions, either at the extra lab on Thursday, via (keatonwilson@me.com) or in person (email me to setup a meeting time).