Collections pickup!

Hey folks! One last word before we part (well, a few last words).

Nice work! It was a pleasure teaching the Ento lab this Spring, and I hope you guys found it a valuable and helpful part of your education in biology. Doug is always looking for ways to improve the course, and I am always looking to improve my teaching. If you have any other feedback that didn't get communicated in the eval. forms, please don't hesitate to email me, or we can meet for a coffee and talk it over. Student input often get's totally ignored, sadly - please let me know if there are things that could have made the course better!

If you want to pick up your collections, you now can! Send me an email ( or a Facebook message or tweet. I'm in Bioresearch 013. Remember, you can't keep your box - so bring an old shoebox with styrofoam in it, or order one from Bioquip.