Pond water Lab Stuff

Hi folks! 

Attached is the pond-water study guide for those of you that didn't manage to snag one from Kevin in class this last week. Send it to me via email: jerome1.wilson@umconnect.umt.edu if you didn't get it finished in time for lab. It's not graded, but will be a 'check marked' assignment that will count towards your 15 pts. of lab participation.

A few things:

1. Make sure to properly put up your microscopes and clean slides and any messes! There were a number of people who left their microscopes out this week after they left, as well as dirty slides! Common courtesy towards me and your fellow lab-mates goes a long way.

2. Let me know if you have questions or need help with quiz material. Drop me a line via email and we can correspond that way, or set up a time to meet!

3. I neglected quiz studying tips for this last week, so everyone will get a free point on the first quiz! I'll post some study tips for the pond-water lab this coming week. Stay tuned.